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What have the insiders been doing?

Recent fillings which could be seen here

Insiders Raza Bokhari , Anthony Durkacz, Zeeshan Saeed , Dr Sara May, ex-congressman Steve Buyer and others of the FSD Pharma team have been buying in and have officially put their own skin in the game. They had put their own money into a private placement offering at a premium over current stock price, they paid $20 and 10 cents and had an opportunity to invest their own money. The shares have a 4 month hold period after it is suppose to close on December 6, 2019. You can read more here: Private Placement 2.0. FSD Pharma closed at $6.04 CAD on 11-18-2019.

We have to figure out and ask questions on why did the insiders invest at a premium if they thought FSD was a losing company. Why waste precious money if they thought the company was going to fail? The facts speak for themselves. Under the new leadership of CEO Raza Bokhari, he managed to construct a world class team that have the motivation to make it happen.

Will FSD Pharma Succeed?

Nobody knows for sure and it’s still a risk investing, but I feel less anxious and calm after doing some due diligence on the team that’s behind the company especially after they invested their own money into the company. I think they are working hard behind the scenes to make all of our dreams come true, otherwise I see no logic as to why they would invest themselves.

I think they probably know something as insiders that the average retail investor such as myself don’t, and whatever that may be convinced them to put their own money into the company. I hope we find out sooner rather than later because my patience is always short-lived, nevertheless it is exciting to dream about what that may be and hopefully comes true sooner rather then later. I hope they can start their clinical trial work and create a new subclass of medications to tailor to those ill patients in need.

Prismic Pharma

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Moving along let’s talk about the Pharma aspect and the recent acquisition of Prismic Pharmaceuticals—FSD Pharma can now focus on microPEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) with Pfizer’s Lyrica (Gabapentin) as their first drug pipeline. More details on that can be found here – Prismic Pharmaceuticals

Some fun facts about the founders of Prismic. Previous to FSD Pharma’s acquirement of Prismic, the founders of Prismic peter moriatry also founded Shire Pharma, which was sold to Takeda Pharmaceuticals for $62 Billion USD.  Shire was generating 15 Billion USD in revenues in 2017. This kind of track record and skillset of actually being able to construct a successful company in the past is short of one word, outstanding.

Source: Shire Pharmaceuticals, FSD Pharma / Prismic

Talented Board and Researchers

FSD Pharma has strong institutional grade board of directors with strong US political connections which include legendary folks some of which goes by the names of David Urban, as well as ex-congressman Steve Buyer. To Top things off, FSD Pharma has world renowned institutional grade scientific researchers and medical doctors to move things along once things are set in motion. Many investors are waiting for financials as well as to see how the clinical trials will begin for their microPEA and Pfizers Lyrica.

Stephen Buyer was a member of the United States House of Representatives, serving nine consecutive terms from January 1993 to January 2011. In January 2011, Buyer became a lobbyist for McKesson Corp ($MCK 180m outstanding shares with stock price of $144 USD 11/14/2019).

In 2012, Buyer started working for R.J. Reynolds which I believe is the second largest tobacco company in the United States of America.

On July 15, 2014, Reynolds American agreed to buy Lorillard Tobacco Company for $27.4 billion. The deal also included the sale of the Kool, Winston, Salem, and blu brands to Imperial Tobacco for $7.1 billion. In January 2017, Reynolds American agreed to a $49.4 billion deal to be taken over by British American Tobacco.

This prospect alone got me excited I wish history can repeat itself. Never underestimate the power of US political lobbists especially those that have served for a long time. I keep repeating the same question in my head why would the board invest their money at a premium if they thought the company had no future.


More Information about Steve Buyer can be found here –> Congressman Steve Buyer

Strong Political Insiders

Steve Buyer also invested his own money in the private placement at premium price, $20.10. The Private placement is expected to close on December 6 2019 with a 4 month holding period as per previous news release.

David Urban had joined the FSD Pharma Board of Directors as an independent director on November 2018. He is a driven leader and board member with comprehensive accomplishments leading corporate development, government affairs, coalitions, legislative influence and political campaigns. He currently serves as President of American Continental Group (ACG) one of Washington’s premier bipartisan government affairs and strategic consulting firms.

Known as an innovative thinker with strong telecommunications, finance, health care, technology, defense, legal, trade and energy acumen, Mr. Urban has a record of demonstrated success advising business and government leaders in complex, regulated organizations, notably as an advisor to political campaigns at the highest levels, including the President of the United States, the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. In addition to his role as a government consultant and political advisor, Mr. Urban is a frequent contributor to CNN as a political commentator.

More info on David Urban can be found here DAVID URBAN


Lastly I want to talk about the consolidation 1 to 201, it was the largest ever on the CSE to have occurred. Many investors that bought in high including myself have lost money and that is my own fault, but as I dug deeper I made my own decision to average down. It was my own fault for buying high during the hype of all cannabis stocks. After listening and learning more and talking briefly to Fabrice Taylor- CFA, I started to understand that perhaps it was necessary because there were just too many shares out. After watching the Q&A session it was advised by FSD Pharma lawyers and Wall Street consultants. I think that the consolidation was necessary in order to advance their mission to up-list on a major US exchange in order to attract institutional grade investment.


Thanks for reading my consensus on present day FSD Pharma I invite you to go on their website and look up each person they have on their team most of them have Linked-In profiles as well, so you can see and do some more research on who they are and what they do, also check out Youtube for more of their video’s.

Click on names for more info

Dr. Larry Kaiser, MD Dr. Ziva Cooper, Ph.D , Dr. Adam Friedman, Dr. Mallory Loflin, Ph.D Dr. Ken Mackie, MD, Dr. Daniel Piomelli, Ph.D. , Dr. Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D. , Dr. Sara Jane Ward, PhD Dr. Charles V. Pollack Zachary Dutton Dr. Edward Brennan

FSD Pharma Team

When others begin to fear FSD Pharma begins to Dare




Founder Zeeshan Saeed and Independent Director David Urban

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