Brazil Legalizes Medical Cannabis

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Brazilian national health authority (ANVISA) approved regulations yesterday for the roll-out of medicinal cannabis-based products.

Few Facts

  • Brazil represents the largest addressable market in Latin America with a population of 208 million and a potential USD $229 Million patient network for medical cannabis (New Frontier Data)
  • Brazilian national health authority (ANVISA) approves the sale of medical cannabis products for sale by prescription and through pharmacies
  • Khiron to participate in Brazil medical cannabis market through the Mercosur Regional Trading Bloc
  • Regulations come into force 90 days after imminent posting on Federal Official Gazette

In the announcement from ANVISA, a new class of medical cannabis-based products will be prescribed by doctors and sold through pharmacies, enabling patient safe and legal access. The regulatory framework sets a comprehensive procedure for the manufacture and import of these products as well as the requirements for commercialization, prescription, dispensing, monitoring and supervision of cannabis products for medical purposes. The resolution was approved unanimously and is valid for an initial three-year term. (Khiron News Release)

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