Cannabis Edibles, Extracts and Topicals Are Arriving Soon

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Just a few more days. The next generation of cannabis-infused products are set to go on sale in Canada. Many cannabis licensed producers and influential associations are confident the roll out of cannabis 2.0 will not suffer the same stumbles seen in the early days of cannabis legalization in Canada. Many believe the roll out will play a significant role in taking market shares from the black market.


Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis reported Alberta consumers won’t have access to edibles until approximately the new year. AGLC currently has contracts with 42 LPs and about half of them are anticipating offering EET products

British Columbia (BC)

B.C. will initially have 145 vaporizing products; 54 types of edibles; 53 beverages; 12 topical products; and 11 extracts for inhaling. BC stores are planning to roll out cannabis 2.0 products after Christmas.


The Ontario Cannabis Store won't sell edibles, topicals, vapes and extracts until Jan. 6, 2020.

The Ontario Cannabis Store will begin selling Cannabis 2.0 products in the new year. Ontario, the country’s largest cannabis market will be well-prepared to handle demand for the upcoming lineup of vape devices, edibles, extracts and topical products that will be available for sale. The government store confirmed edibles, extracts, vapes and topicals  “should start to appear in stores beginning January 6, 2020,” (GrowthOp)

Health Canada established Dec. 16, 2019, as the first day that provinces can legally begin ordering edibles, extracts and topicals (EETs) from federally-licensed producers (LPs).

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