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The recent agreement between FoliEdge Academy and Seneca College is perfect for Aleafia Health’s cannabis health and wellness ecosystem. Seneca College offers highly skilled graduates to the world that are ready to work. Recent figures shows Seneca College is mainly in the Toronto, Newnham area, however their education platform spans to partners around the world. The number of educated individuals from Seneca currently come out to be 30,000 full time and 60,000 part-time studying various degrees from Graduate certificates, diplomas and certifications in more than 300 online programs. 

In 2018, Canada had federally legalized cannabis. Now this left a gap in the Health system and someone recognized that there would be an increased demand for more knowledge for all level of cannabis education. 

FoliEdge Academy is an online cannabis and certification platform that has partnered with D2L cloud based learning platform to help bring education to all who desire to learn more transforming the way millions of people learn. They have gathered millions of data points from Canada’s  Aleafia Health national network of medical clinics and the operations in other International continents to help current and future MD’s, nurse practitioners and educators. Now having more than 10 million data points they will be able to inform proprietary illness-specific product developments and focus on what really needs attention. 

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As of now, Aleafia Health has completed two of their five mentioned studies  with two on-going and one to be announced. More studies may be occurring but yet to be announced. However at this moment we do know that “the Studies” have been between Aleafias Canabo Medical Clincs and Cronos Group and Cronos subsidiaries. We also have Aleafia Labs making strides with AKESOgen and G420 Inc which is said that these studies will lead to additional clinical investigations and larger retrospective cohort studies as well as prospective clinical trials.

Some have called Aleafias Division of FoliEdge unique in respect to other Lp’s. So how is Seneca College and FoliEdge Academy working together to develop tailored programs to give students the opportunity for cannabis specialization related to their career or current area of study. They will be combining career and professional skills training with theoretical knowledge customized for large organizations including public and private sector employers, unions, insurance and healthcare providers. Since 2018 there has been an increased demand for trained and re-trained experts and new staff to support the booming growth of cannabis companies in the country and abroad. The demand is coming from people switching to cannabis from big pharma and ditching their opioids. Now that regulation is defining a product produced, acceleration of products availability is growing and whichever field of practices you may be in, you must have training when filling scripts for cannabis products.

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Aleafia Healths FoliEdge Academy has integrated their systems with the companies medical clinic networks and has dataset from over 70,000 patients to date.  Learning is turning into sharing and that is possible through research, grow and quality control, cultivation and extraction with Aleafias Brands like Emblem and Symbol. This brings Doctors and Patient to engage, through education, more cannabis products and brands, and then a need for a larger market place whether online or store front retail. Which all leads to international distribution though their international partners like CannaPacific, The Montu Group, and Acnos Pharma. 

Through relationships with parent company Aleafia Health and both Aleafia Campus & Kesara Wellness Divisions, FoliEdge Academy content curators and course development team benefits from over 70,000 patients, their families and caregivers as well as 100+ medical practitioners they’ve engaged with in the 110,000+ appointments the have scheduled over the past 5 years. “FoliEdge Academy truly understands and works to consistently convey the incredible impact and potential for further research that responsible access to cannabinoid therapy has across a range of conditions”

The platform they bring to Seneca College is a quantum leap beyond traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS).  There will be Online discussion forums, Audiences, Class and Student Management functions and their digital portfolio functionality to promote social leaning and encourage employees and students to share and collaborate. 

At Seneca College these Hybrid classes will be offered in the fall, winter and summer with projected start dates in mid to late February 2020 with each class lasting 30 days on average. With this being online, in-class, and other,  they understand that adults of all backgrounds in this century have busy lives and this gives them the opportunity for all whether student or patient to self-educate at their own pace. 

FoliEdge Academy is offering future cannabis professionals a chance to get ahead of the rest. The courses offer several online self-study courses with more likely to come. 

Online Courses

  • Cannabis 101 A Beginner’s Guide
  • Cannabis-Patient and Family Education
  • Cannabis- Employer and Employee Education
  • Referring doctors
  • Cannabinoid Therapy
  • The in-class workshop will be a Hybrid.
  • Full 2 semesters
    • First semester will cover a Broad selections of topics
    • Second semester with cover Health and Business

Also, Paola Battiston , chair of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry at Seneca College created a class featuring “Cannabis Regulation & Quality Assurance”, which will be a class for Graduate Level students starting in January.

Foliedge Academy was choose to be the Educators teaching this class. It also makes this a first for Canada. 

Cannabis Fundamentals-Will establish baseline knowledge on Cannabis. The class will cover topics like History of Cannabis, Intro to Endocannabinoid System, terminology and species, Medical benefits, potential risks and harms, cannabis law and how to access medical cannabis from licensed producers through clinics and scripts.

This class is ideals for Individuals seeking general knowledge of cannabis, Medicals practitioners and Employees who manage or engage with cannabis consumers to help better serve their patients and employees through work place policy.

Here is an example:

In-Course Quizzes

In-course Quizzes feature active learning elements like drag and drop that help ensure learners understand and recall key learnings.

Step-by-step instructions that FoliEdge Academy courses provide details for learners to guide them through content that can be difficult to master. And the information will remain available and can be referenced on-demand across both desktop and mobile devices. 

Interactive Images

Interactive images will allow you to engage interactively with images making course content easier to digest and more enjoyable to learn and more likely to be retained. 

Cannabis Law and Ethics- will examine the current state of cannabis legislation in Canada with various federal and provincial laws that govern access to and use of medical and recreational cannabis. Students will learn about regulations as they relate to the production, promotion, packaging, sale, and use of cannabis, within the framework of ensuring government compliance. The course will also address rules and regulations around travelling with cannabis. Students will also explore common ethical considerations, including the ethical conduct of licensed producers and retailers, the potential conflict arising out of the intersection between medical professionals, patients and commercial interests, and past criminal records.

Cannabis Health and Wellness- focuses on cannabis from the perspective of patients who plan to use medical cannabis to improve treatment of symptoms or conditions. It provides a detailed look at the benefits and risks associated with cannabinoid therapy and examines the process of ordering and administering medical cannabis, including conditions of use, existing products and formats, access through LPs, methods of use (flowers, oils, capsules), frequency, dosages, and changes in effectiveness over time. Students will also gain an understanding of the allowances and restrictions on travelling with authorized cannabis as well as consumption in the workplace.

Cannabis in the Work Place – This course focuses on medical cannabis and employers’ duty to accommodate employees with cannabis authorizations (prescriptions) for medical purposes. Students will review the legislation that regulates employers’ and employees’ use of cannabis in the workplace and explore how rules for cannabis in the workplace can be outlined through policies. The course will examine how to create accessible policies, ensure compliance, and address policy violations.

Ideal candidates for this course would be policy makers that are responsible for developing public or corporate drug policies regarding cannabis and also Employees who are required to complete training to better understand how cannabis may impact them, their colleagues, their employer and the performance of workplace duties. 

Recently Ontario became the first province to require Pharmacists complete a cannabis education course. On April 26, 2019 we saw that they must take a course that details risk, dosage forms and common side effects of Cannabis. “Now Members of the Ontario College of Pharmacists now have until March 27, 2020 to complete a mandatory course in order to reliably inform patients of how cannabis interacts with medications”-Darryl D./The Canadian Press. This is necessary so that when a pharmacies patient has a question, they will be knowledgeable when addressing any concerns a client may have. Every patient that walks through your door wants reliable information, this builds trust and understanding. However consider that pharmacists are bound by a code of ethics “to practice only within the scope of their education, training and competence”.  Knowing that FoliEdge Academy has concrete data, this is all possible. 

The Ontario College of Pharmacists already has an education certificate program which satisfies their education license renewal requirement and other provinces are also expected to recognize this course soon. This course is also an online self-study module and exam that pharmacists can complete at their own pace. This course is CCEP Accredited Competency Mapped Cannabis Certification and to us it is very similar to the FoliEdge Course. But is not verified. 

Why do we need Educated Pharmacists? “Allan Malek, a licensed pharmacist and executive vice-president and chief pharmacy officer for the Ontario Pharmacists Association, argues pharmacists have the training to help take pressure off a health care system buckling under increasing demands. Toronto emergency room doctors, Raghu Venugopal and Sameer Masood, say diagnosing illnesses, and therefore the appropriate medication, must be left to doctors, who have far more extensive training.”

“We all know how busy doctors are — and perhaps rightfully so. They are the backbone of our health system, and as such, they need all the support they can get. But they are not alone in our system, and there are many health professionals working alongside Ontario’s doctors to help make sure patients are getting the care they need when they need it.”

So by training all that want to be trained will ensure patients have access to best treatment options available. Allowing all Medical Professionals who treat them be aware of the options available. They must have access to the latest research studies and know how to refer to.

Meanwhile FoliEdge Academy’s website has a reference page that’s combined with useful Hyperlinks directing the knowledge hungry to useful information.

Are you now convinced that Aleafia Health combined with FoliEdge Academy is a Medical LP to not be reckoned with!


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