President of Nabis Holdings Continue to Acquire Shares

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Mark Krytiuk, President and Chairman of the board acquire shares in the public market. Most recent transaction (Warrants acquisition of the public market) occurred on January 30, 2020 and was filed on January 30, 2020. Mark Krytiuk has history acquiring shares in the public market and have shown confident to his investors. He’s acquired shares + warrants in the public market seven times in January 2020.

About Mark Krytiuk

Mark is a successful cannabis operator and was a founding partner of MPX. Mark has over 5 years of experience as the Vice President of Grow Operations for MPX overseeing the production of medical marijuana and pharma-grade products across North America.Mark has been directly involved in the rapid expansion and growth of nine facilities in three different countries, with budgets up to $30 million. In addition, Mark has over 10 years of experience consulting and working with customers to develop personal requirements for their indoor & outdoor cultivation processing space; including aiding in design, workflow and equipment, as well as supporting federal regulators and licensing bodies to ensure compliance. (Source)

Most Recent News

 Nabis Holdings Inc. (CSE:NAB) (OTC: NABIF) (FRA: A2PL) (“Nabis™” or the “Company”), a leading Canadian investment company with specialty investments in assets across multiple divisions of the cannabis sector announced on January 28, 2020 that they have entered into a binding  memorandum of understanding with Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

About Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
Panaxia is currently the largest manufacturer and service provider with home-delivery distribution of medical cannabis products in Israel. It is the first company to receive approval from the Israel Ministry of Health for the production of medical cannabis-based drugs (IMC-GMP directive) and has authorization to manufacture and distribute medical cannabis in Israel.  

Panaxia is part of the Segal Pharma Group, owned by the Segal family, which has been in operation for over forty years, manufactures over 600 different pharmaceutical products and distributes them in over 40 countries worldwide. Panaxia USA, manufactures over 60 medical cannabis-based products in North America, including sublingual tablets, lozenges, oils, and inhalers designed to treat illnesses such as PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, anorexia, burns, and an assortment of other disorders. The Panaxia Group has around 150 employees, and all clinical trials are conducted by the group. The Segal Pharma Group also owns Luminera Derm, which produces injectable dermal fillers, and Tree of Life Pharma, which produces over-the-counter drugs.

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