[Tech] How Does The Gig Economy Hurt Truckers?

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CIG News – How Does The Gig Economy Hurt Truckers?. News provided by Benzinga Tech, The tech sector is the category of the markets relating to the research & development and/or distribution of technological based services as well as goods.

When the gig economy became a reality, people quickly started speculating about how it would impact the ways individuals earn money. Now that it's a major part of today's society, there's no question that it changed income-earning. Not all the differences are positive, however, particularly for workers in the trucking industry. 

The Gig Economy Puts Experienced Truckers In Direct Competition With Less-Experienced Ones

Most gig economy brands operate through app-based platforms. People who want to participate in it – as either truckers or individuals who need the services of truck drivers – use apps to specify their capabilities or requirements and connect with customers. That arrangement likely gives those customers more access than they had before. 

However, it also makes it harder for independent truckers to stand out from the competition. Customers who use gig economy apps for trucking services may only look at a couple of factors about a particular driver, such as rates and star rating. Thus, if a person has years of experience in the trucking sector but only started using these apps a couple of months ago, it may take months or years to build a respectable star rating. 

The traditional ways of getting work in the trucking industry allow customers to weigh numerous factors when determining whether to keep working with a trucking professional. However, throughout the gig economy as a whole, people are far too often reduced to being names on a screen, accompanied by statistics such as their quality ratings and how long they've used the platform. 

Some of the information shown to those who use gig-based apps may match a person's experience. But it's also possible that someone who only started …

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