[Cannabis] Same-day cannabis delivery service launches in Manitoba

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Canada’s first on-demand multi-retailer e-commerce platform for ordering recreational cannabis has launched in Manitoba.

With Super Anytime, consumers across Manitoba can now buy legal cannabis online and have it at their door the same day.

“We’re very excited for the launch of the Super platform in the province of Manitoba,” said Super Anytime president and cofounder, Ian Delves. “It’s a big moment for our company, and represents a significant step in the maturation of Canada’s cannabis industry.” 

The user-friendly e-commerce technology replicates the company’s on-demand alcohol delivery platform and is compliant with provincial regulations.

Retail store managers and licenced producers, currently on board with the cannabis delivery service in Manitoba, are impressed. 

The platform not only offers Manitobans a handy way to buy cannabis but it’s geared to generate increased orders for retailers. 

“We are pleased to add an additional purchasing channel for Garden Variety’s valued customers while keeping our operations in a business-as-usual cadence,” said Garden Variety regional retail manager, Sheilagh Dohie.

Following the launch of its cannabis delivery service in Manitoba, the company will introduce its platform to Alberta and Ontario. 

“We are eager to continue our expansion across the country to target provinces with amenable legislative landscapes,” said Super Anytime CEO and founder, Michael Kniazeff. 

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The Canadian company also looks forward to partnering with additional licensed cannabis retailers in Manitoba and across Canada through 2020.

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