[Cannabis] Colorado State University Introduces Cannabis Study In its Major Degree Program

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The State University of Colorado, Pueblo campus, has come up with a new major subject (the first-ever in the history of any University in the US) in its Science Degree program to commence from this fall. Students of this University will get a chance to take up Cannabis Biology or Cannabis Chemistry as major subjects in their degree programs, apart from some classes contributed towards Physics and Math. According to the Colorado Department of Higher Education, there will be two courses to choose from; either the course of a natural product based on biology or an analytical course based on chemistry.

The Department of Higher Education said that this move to implement a new major course for Cannabis study is to support the Cannabis legalization happening in various states and also to respond to the people’s changing behavior towards the use of Cannabis products. Officials from the Department said,

Graduates could begin careers either in the cannabis and hemp industries or in the government. But they could also be competitive in a wide variety of businesses outside of the cannabis industry, such as agriculture, food science, biochemistry and environmental sciences. Educating students who are capable of understanding cannabis science is required for the industry in all its aspects to be effective and safe for the consumer.

The University is very hopeful for this new major program and expects that in the next 4 years, more than 60 students will enroll in it, given the growing demand for Cannabis in the US and the increased sales revenue in the last few years beginning from 2014. Now with the changing scenario, more and more students seriously want to enter the Cannabis field of study and want to take it up professionally as a career option which will undoubtedly be a lucrative one in the near future.

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