[MerryJane] NJ Pot Dealer Sentenced to Jail for Bribing Post Office Employees to Deliver Weed

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If they’ll traverse rain, sleet, and snow for a regular weekly paycheck, just imagine what American postal workers will do for an extra few hundred bucks in kickbacks. 

According to new court documents, that’s all it took for one New Jersey weed dealer to bribe his local post men into helping him traffic pounds of black market pot. Per reports from the New York Daily News, 50-year-old Glenn Blackstone spent at least three years paying Newark, New Jersey mail employees envelopes full of cash for their help moving packs of California weed directly to his front door. But when you involve federal employees in your interstate dealings, the consequences tend to be federal as well, and Blackstone will now serve two years in prison for his USPS plot.

Between October 2014 and September 2017, police investigations indicate that Blackstone paid two postal workers more than $12,000 to remove specific packages from the standard mail system and reroute them to himself. Records show that Blackstone paid his postal cronies only $50-$100 per delivery, suggesting that he brought hundreds of packages into the state during his three year run.

In addition to Blackstone being sentenced to two years behind bars and five years of supervised probation, former postal employees Fred Rivers and Leonard Gresham were both fired from their jobs and given three years of probation for their roles in the cannabis delivery arrangement.

“Mr. Rivers accepts full responsibility and acknowledges that however small his role may have been in this underlying scheme, there are consequences,” Rivers’ attorney, Brooke Barnett, told reporters last month. “In light of it all, he will not allow this to define him and will continue to give back to his community.”

As state-specific legalization continues to stratify the geographical haves and have-nots of America’s weed supply, postal routes, commercial airplanes, and overloaded trucks have all emerged as popular paths for black market bud. And whether pot pushers have inside postal help or not, it’s pretty clear that only federal legalization will be able to truly stem the tide of unregulated interstate weed.

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