[Biotech&Pharma] Top-Rated Stocks: Zoetis Sees Composite Rating Climb To 96

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On Tuesday, animal health products maker Zoetis (ZTS) got an upgrade for its IBD SmartSelect Composite Rating from 94 to 96.


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The new rating shows the stock is outpacing 96% of all stocks when it comes to the most important stock-picking criteria. History shows the top market performers tend to have a 95 or higher score as they launch their major moves.

Zoetis is trading about 2% above a 130.30 entry from a flat base.

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The stock sports a 93 EPS Rating, meaning its recent quarterly and annual earnings growth tops 93% of all stocks.

Its Accumulation/Distribution Rating of B shows moderate buying by institutional investors over the last 13 weeks.

In Q3, the company posted 13% earnings-per-share growth. Sales growth came in at 7%, down from 9% in the prior quarter.

Zoetis earns the No. 2 rank among its peers in the Medical-Ethical Drugs industry group. Merck (MRK) is the No. 1-ranked stock within the group.


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