[Tech] Toyota Unveils Plan to Build 'City of the Future' in Japan

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Toyota is building a “prototype city of the future” at the base of Mt. Fuji that will house over 2,000 residents and be fully sustainable.

Live to work or work to live?

At Toyota's planned “city of the future,” the distinction likely won't matter.

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Toyota announced plans to construct a fully sustainable city in Japan that will house over 2,000 researchers and scientists. Groundbreaking is expected to take place in 2021.

Select Toyota employees will live in the city full-time as they test and develop technologies such as autonomy, robotics, personal mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence.

“Currently, we research and test this technology in labs around the world. But it occurred to us—what if we had the opportunity to do it all in one place? In a real-life environment?” said Toyota president Akio Toyoda.

Toyota is calling the city a “living laboratory.”

Built on 175-acres, it will feature buildings made of carbon-neutral wood and photo-voltaic rooftop panels to generate solar power, among other sustainable elements.

Toyota invites researchers and scientists from around the world to collaborate with the city and use it as a “real-life incubator.”

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