Government Regulations have Killed the Cannabis Industry in Canada

Byron Csizmadia

Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Canada: A Blueprint or Bomb? Introduction The discussion groups are seething with venom and toxicity. Bottom-feeder law firms are trying to start class action lawsuits, Aurora Cannabis is the first of their victims, Canopy Growth is “under investigation”. The acronym WTF appears in discussion group […]

Red Means Go! Buy the Lows for Long Term Gains!

Byron Csizmadia

Why the Cannabis sector in Canada will Recover and Flourish. Introduction It seems everywhere you look another analyst is pumping out an article predicting doom and gloom for the cannabis sector in Canada. Discussion groups are filled with the angry comments of shareholders who feel they’ve been “had” as they […]

Innocan Pharma™: A Tiny Company with Big Prospects

Byron Csizmadia

The market for CBD infused products is just starting to take off. Major players in the cannabis industry such as Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth and Tilray, to name just a few, are already selling oils and tinctures derived from Cannabis CBD and with the launch of Cannabis 2.0 CBD infused […]

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