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Greenlane (NASDAQ:GNLN)

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Greenlane (NASDAQ: GNLN) is a leading distributor of premium vaporization products and consumption accessories in the United States and have a growing presence in Canada. Customers include over 6,600 independent smoke shops and regional retail chain stores, which the company estimates collectively operate approximately 9,700 retail locations, and hundreds of licensed cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries.

Greenlane owns and, two of the most visited North American direct-to-consumer e-commerce websites in the vaporization products and consumption accessories industry.

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The company offers a comprehensive selection of more than 5,000 stock keeping units (“SKUs”), including premium vaporizers and parts, cleaning products, grinders and storage containers, pipes, rolling papers and customized lines of premium specialty packaging. Following the passage of the Farm Bill, in February 2019, we commenced distribution of premium products containing hemp-derivedCBD.

Competitive Strengths – Clear market leader in an attractive industry. Leading North American distributor of premium vaporization products and consumption accessories, reaching an estimated 9700 retail locations and hundreds of licensed cannabis cultivator, processors and dispensaries.

Market Knowledge and Understandings – The management believes that the company has a deep understanding of customer needs and desires in both our B2B and B2C channels. This allows us to influence customer demand and the pipeline between product manufacturers, suppliers, advertisers and the marketplace.

Broadest Product Offering – offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of vaporization products and consumption accessories with over 5,000 SKUs from more than 140 suppliers.


  • Build Upon Strong Customer and Supplier Relationships to Expand Organically.
  • Expand Operations Internationally.
  • Expand E-Commerce Reach and Capabilities.
  • Pursue Value-Enhancing Strategic Acquisitions.
  • Enhance Operating Margins.
  • Developing A World-Class Portfolio of Proprietary Brands.   
  • Execute on Identified Operational Initiatives.
  • Be the Employer of Choice

Balance Sheet For the Fiscal Year of 2018

Highlights (Pro-Forma):

  • Revenues: $181 million
  • Gross Profit: 37.4 million
  • Net Loss Per Share: (0.18)

Key Metrics

Greenlane monitors the following key metrics to help us measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our operations, develop financial forecasts, and make strategic decisions:

Corporate Structure

Convertible notes 20% discount

Investment Highlights

  • Leading Platform for and Distributor of Premium Vaporization Products and Consumption Accessories in North America
  • Strong and Loyal Customer Base with Robust Sales Infrastructure to Support Scale
  • A Significant E-Commerce Platform Positioned to Become a Global Leader in Direct-to-Consumer
  • Strategically-Located Distribution Footprint
  • Passionate and Committed Executive Team with Proven Track Record of Delivering Strong Results

Business Related to Cannabis

While Greenlane does not cultivate, distribute or dispense cannabis or any cannabis derivatives that are in violation of U.S. federal law, several of the products we distribute, such as vaporizers, pipes, rolling papers and storage solutions, can be used with cannabis or cannabis derivatives as well as nicotine and other substances.

Highlights and Development of the company

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Initial Public Offering (IPO)


The company estimate that the net proceeds from our issuance and sale of shares of Class A common stock in this offering will be approximately $65.1 million, assuming an initial public offering price of $15.00 per share.

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