Charlotte’s Web Holdings (TSX: CWEB) Anticipates Record Harvest in 2019

Charlotte’s Web Holdings (CWEB) achieved another good harvest this year according to the company spokesman. Last year, CW’s 2018 harvest came in above expectations as mother nature treated the company very well.  This year’s harvest was also positive, despite mother nature testing many hemp farmers with some snow and freezing […]

Charlotte’s Web (TSX:CWEB) In Talks With Both NASDAQ And NYSE

Charlotte’s Web confirms active discussions with both (NASDAQ and NYSE) exchanges of various related matters. New CFO at Charlotte’s Web, Russ Hammer’s appointment was in the works for some time and CW wanted to complete this ahead of their US listing efforts as Mr. Hammer will play a big role […]

Charlotte’s Web Confirms Four National Retailers Carrying Their Products And In Talks With Several More

CIG has now confirmed that Charlotte’s Web products are currently on store shelves in the USA at three national retailers with a fourth now also receiving shipments.  Three of the four brands have made public statements about their entry into the CBD category.  Only CVS (NYSE :CVS) has given Charlotte’s […]

Charlotte’s Web and Plexus No Longer Moving Forward with Collaboration

“Over the last few months Charlotte’s Web explored a supply agreement with Plexus, a leader in the direct selling health and wellness category. The two companies mutually agreed not to move forward together and Charlotte’s Web has determined that it will not pursue the direct-sales channel further.  As pioneers in […]

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